Internet Fax – Does Your Business Have It?

If you own or operate any type of company or business, there is one thing you know for certain: you have competition. You are constantly competing for sales, market share, customers… you also know it’s a battle you have to win if you want your business to fully prosper in these demanding times.One of the best ways to stay competitive is to have the latest and most efficient business tools at your service. Businesses must stay abreast of the times or fall behind the pack — it’s that simple.Internet Fax is a perfect example; it is a business communication tool you simply must have.Why?Because your competition will have it and if you’re competing against them, you must have it just to stay in the game. Especially if your business relies upon receiving and sending faxes then Internet Fax must be considered for your business.Internet Fax has many names: online fax, email fax, e fax, electronic fax, mobile fax, even phone fax… regardless of what you call it, Internet Fax is using your email system and the web to send and receive your faxes. It’s relatively cheap, it’s paperless, it’s inkless, it’s more secure, and much much more convenient than the old traditional way of faxing.Moreover, you can access your faxes anywhere anytime, wherever you have Internet access and these days that’s almost everywhere. It is completely compatible with cell phones, laptops, PDAs… a truly portable faxing service which your company can benefit from using.In order to get Internet Fax you have to sign-up for an online fax service where you receive a local or toll-free fax number. You will get an online site (interface) where you can check, send and receive your faxes. You can also store your faxes here.Generally, your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in TIFF or PDF formats. Your online fax
service acts as an intermediary on your behalf to process your faxes, whether they’re coming from traditional fax machines or other Internet Fax users. You simply check into your site or use a desktop application to send or receive your faxes.Basically, Internet Fax simply ties in or brings all your faxing chores into the computer/internet age. It is the modern way to fax.Now since this is a “long-term” business service it pays for any company or business to shop around before picking any one service. Do your homework now and it can pay huge dividends over the long haul.Some of the major Internet Fax Service Providers are: MyFax, eFax, TrustFax, RingCentral, Send2Fax, RapidFax, MetroFax and Faxage. All of these online fax services have slightly different plans and monthly rates so check them all out before choosing a fax service that will meet your company’s needs.Costs for an Internet Fax service usually range from around $10-$15 a month, but some go for as low as $4 a month or if your faxing needs are a bare minimum — around $20 bucks a year.Again, price shouldn’t be your main concern as you will want a reliable fax service with good 24/7
support. This quality service and support should be your first criteria in choosing any fax service. You will also want one that is completely scalable to meet any demanding business fax needs should they arise.However, since most of the major fax services give you a 30 Day Trial Period, you can try before you buy. Finding an Internet fax service to match your needs shouldn’t be that difficult.For the most part, Internet Fax has many advantages: it is paperless, inkless, very portable, very convenient, more secure and more economical than the traditional way of faxing. Besides, as mentioned before, even if you’re not using it, you can be assured your competitors are using it. Can you stay competitive if your business depends upon quick fast communication on a daily basis. Can you really afford not to use Internet Fax?It’s your call.

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Stages of a Real Estate Market

The stages of a real estate market are most often recognized only after the fact. Even when all the historical data confirms that a downturn is in progress, most speculators won’t stop gambling. Real estate speculators call themselves investors because they believe they are taking calculated and controllable risks when purchasing homes.In the mid to late 1990′s real estate investing was virgin territory because it was easy to use formulas of 60% to 70% of Fair Market Value minus repair costs to determine an offering price for a seller. The “chant” was “Get as many properties under contract because they can only go higher!” In the earlier years, buying properties cheaply enough allowed them to be rented and they supported themselves while the investor simply collected checks. In only three years, a groundswell of speculation led to frenzied buying. Families looking for a home to live in got caught up in the buying panic because of the scarcity of homes for sale. The market quickly and efficiently climbed with the help of lending institutions who were offering low interest rates, 100% financing, with no proof of the buyer’s income. Almost no other speculative opportunity in history caught on as fast because of real estate investors needing little or no money down and ease of loan qualification for “retail buyers”.Even when many of the potential borrowers had credit issues and minimal down payments, the lenders created more lenient loan requirements. The number of single family homes that were owned by investors rose from 2.5% in 1995 to almost 29% by the end of 2006. Effectively, these investors took away at least 26.5% of available single family homes with the intent of selling them at higher prices to retail home buyers.Here is a summary of the stages of a real estate cycle:Stage #1 – This is where supply closely equals demand and home prices fluctuate between +/- 3% per year and prices are basically stable over a five year period.Stage #2 – Here demand out-strips supply, or a “sellers’ market” develops because of fewer homes on the market. This can be created by investor speculation.Stage #3 – Here demand far out-strips supply with resulting large annual price increases. Homes now offer new speculators more attractive yields than stocks and money market instruments. More so called “investors” begin buying multiple properties with expectations of selling for huge profits because of the low down payments required for mortgages or using creative financing. The market begins to feed on itself as homeowners begin to rush to take profits.Stage #4 – As home prices become unfordable, interest rates increase making financing costs too expensive for homeowners to purchase, and investors have inventory that can’t be sold. Seemingly everyone tries to sell and the market readjusts to former market conditions by pulling back as much as 30% to 60% of peak values as the market begins to stabilize for 3 – 8 years.Summary – Based on the current market conditions and continuing available data, the real estate market is well into Stage #4. There is no way to determine how long this swing will last but historically they have lasted for 6 to 15 years. This stage offers huge opportunities for real estate investors and homeowners alike that want to purchase homes either for living in for 5 years+ for homeowners, or for “flipping” for investors. Both homeowners and investors looking to buy a property need to be very selective about how much they pay for a property, the amount of costs to rehab it, how they will be financing it, how long they intend to stay in it, the carrying costs, other properties currently listed on the MLS®, and neighborhood conditions. Unfortunately, retail buyers who wait to get the lowest possible price often wind up paying higher mortgage rates which offsets the cost savings by waiting, especially when you include their cost to rent, and the interest tax-deduction that they lose by not owning. Investors will have to buy low and sell low, while the retail buyer has become “king of the mountain” in picking the best possible home for the lowest price.

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Getting Inexpensive Life Insurance for Seniors

Earlier it used to be difficult for seniors to find a life insurance policy that offers substantial coverage with low rates of premiums. Health risks multiply as we get older and insurance companies viewed this as a serious threat. Even elderly people who were healthy had a hard time finding inexpensive life insurance polices. This denied a lot of people the chance to buy themselves a comprehensive insurance package.Over time this attitude changed and the markets have realized the earning potential with this particular age group. Several companies now offer value for money life polices to the elderly who can maintain a decent bill of health. The insurance industry today is also more streamlined which makes polices for seniors more affordable.Benefits of buying life insurance: -
Affordable: They are highly affordable and term life policies are popular among seniors because they offer great coverage benefits at low rates of premiums.
Death Benefits: In term life insurance, if the policyholder dies when the policy is still in operation, his or her family stands to receive a substantial sum of money in the form of death benefits. With whole term insurance, there are even cash value benefits, which accumulates over time and the policyholder remains insured for life. The money from the policy can also be used to conduct the funeral, which has become a very costly affair these days. The remainder of the proceeds from the insurance can be used to provide financial stability to your family, where the money can be used to pay for mortgage, loans, tuition fee and other expenses.
Estate Planning: One of the main reasons why so many seniors go in for inexpensive policies is that it allows them to plan and hand over their estates to their beneficiaries effectively and smoothly. This type of insurance ensures that your estate will not be depleted by taxes upon death.
How to find inexpensive life insurance for seniors?There are several insurance companies that now specialize in selling inexpensive life insurance policies for seniors. You can start of by looking for multiple quotes on life policies that are being sold in your neighborhood. There are many sites on the Internet that deal with these life products.For instance, open any insurance rate comparison site and you will have to fill out some details related to the ideal life policy you are looking for. This includes information on face amount, type of policy, health class, gender, DOB and zip code details. Once you have filled out the online form, the site would generate multiple quotes on life insurance policies that are active in your locality. While looking for inexpensive life insurance policies for seniors, look for those products that offer low set of premiums accompanied by substantial coverage benefits.Most sites nowadays display quotes in a tabular form, which makes it easier for visitors to compare pros and cons of each life policy listed. Create a shortlist of policies, which you feel are right for you. Now you can visit the individual insurance sites of these life products and generate quotes again, which will be even more accurate this time round.Study the terms and conditions of all these inexpensive life insurance policies and also ensure that you have analyzed your own profile well. As one gets older, the number of health problems usually increases and we also need to consider these factors while going in for a comprehensive life insurance policy.It can also be a good idea to take the help of an independent agent, who specializes in selling inexpensive life insurance for seniors. They have a thorough understanding of the insurance industry and will be able to recommend suitable alternatives that offer better value for money. They are also better placed to recommend insurance companies after going through health reports. This is especially true if you are suffering from a known medical condition or just recovering from a recent illness. For instance if you have diabetes, the agent might be able to recommend a specific insurer that offers cheaper life policies than the rest.All insurance companies have their own underwriting guidelines to which they adhere too. As a result there is always an opportunity for seniors, even those with serious medical conditions to become eligible for inexpensive life insurance if they are prepared to look far enough.

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Canvas Prints From Digital Photos

In the modern age when digital cameras are so popular, there are many professional and amateur photographers wishing to have their digital photos printed in larger sizes. For large format digital printing of your photos, canvas is the ideal medium. Apart from being affordable, canvas also offers great flexibility and so it can be used in a highly customized manner suiting different printing requirements.Canvas greatly suits today’s requirements for printing high resolution images taken using modern high-end digital cameras. These prints can be easily transported for use in indoor and outdoor locations. Large canvas prints of the photos of your children, family members, locations and events can be hung on the walls of your living room.Today with the advent of high tech digital printers, digital photo images can be printed in high resolutions, offering maximum image detail and clarity. These state-of-the-art printers can also print images in portrait and landscape modes, depending on the source image and the size of the canvas. The cost-effective technologies used in modern digital printers greatly help clients to have their canvas prints printed at affordable rates.Most of the printing firms offering canvas prints from digital photos also provide photo enhancement and editing services for improving the quality of digital photos. With the help of the latest graphics software such as Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop pro, images can be edited and enhanced to match the requirements for canvas prints.To get your digital photos printed with the top quality, high quality UV resistant inks are commonly used at most printing facilities. These inks offer higher resistance to the process of fading. Most printing firms also help clients to have their canvas prints stretched on to rigid materials so that they can be placed or hung conveniently. Apart from decorating the interiors of your home, these high quality canvas prints also serve as the ultimate testimonials of your photography skills.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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